Broncos' Derek Wolfe on Patriots: 'I hate everything about them'

Derek Wolfe became the latest member of the Denver Broncos to take a verbal jab at the New England Patriots, saying "I hate everything about them" in a recent interview with the Denver Post.

Wolfe and the Broncos will host the Patriots in Sunday's AFC Championship Game, and this past week has featured a war of words between the longtime rivals.

"I hate everything about them," Wolfe told the Post. "They're always in my way. They're always in my way to get what I want."

Wolfe has spent his entire four-year career with Denver and has faced the Patriots five times, including the 2013 AFC title game.

"I've got a ton of respect for the whole organization," he said. "They've got great players. Tom Brady's a great player. Bill Belichick's a great coach. I've got a ton of respect for them. I just hate them."

Broncos defensive end Antonio Smith and cornerback Chris Harris Jr. also made headlines this week with their comments about the Patriots.

Smith told reporters that it "would be an accurate statement" to call Brady a crybaby while Harris said the best way to defend Rob Gronkowski is to "hit him in his knees," prompting a response on Twitter from the Patriots' star tight end.