Guinness presents J.J. Watt with personalized label on beer bottles

Every year, J.J. Watt takes nine of his high school friends on a trip to somewhere in the world. This year's location? Ireland.

After Watt tweeted that Guinness took care of him with his own label, we needed to find out how it all went down. So we tracked him down across the pond.

Darren: How did they know you were a huge fan of the brand?

Watt: I'm not sure how they knew I was a fan, I would assume maybe "The Dan Patrick Show," when I talked about Guinness or from one of my Twitter Q&A's when I said Guinness was my favorite beer.

Darren: How long have you been a fan?

Watt: Ever since I visited Ireland for the first time three years ago.

Darren: There are a lot of bottles in that picture you posted. What kind of quantity did you get?

Watt: They gave me a decent supply of bottles. It's pretty cool.

Darren: What did you have to give them in exchange?

Watt: They didn't ask for anything in return.

Darren: Tell us more about the idea of the trip.

Watt: The trip is a thank-you for being loyal and a chance for me to be a normal guy because they don't treat me like a superstar, they treat me like the normal guy that I am.