Cam Newton: 'I will win my way'

Was Cam's 'I win my way' Instagram post necessary? (1:40)

Michael Smith says he has no issues with Cam Newton's Instagram post that showed him in a t-shirt saying "I win my way." (1:40)

It hasn't been the easiest week for Cam Newton. He had one of the worst games of his MVP season on the Super Bowl stage, and then found himself on the wrong end of a firestorm following his short postgame news conference.

On Friday, he sent the note below to "PANTHERNAT1ON," in which he says, "I will make mistakes but I will continue to work on improving each day trying toPERFECTallMYimPERFECT1ON."

By saying "iW1LL W1N... MY WAY," Newton seems to be echoing his sentiments from his meeting with the media Tuesday, during which he said, "I know who I am and I'm not about to conform nor bend for anybody's expectations, because your or anybody else's expectations will never exceed mine."