Roughly 80 percent of Rams attend first team meeting in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald says the possibility of paparazzi staking out his favorite dinner spot for his photo won't change the way the defensive tackle lives his life.

"It's a big city," Donald said. "There's a lot of big-time people in the city, so you know there's going to be cameras around a lot. But just be yourself, and like they always say, don't put yourself in silly situations when you've got a camera in your face.

"Image is everything."

Donald was part of the first team meeting held by the Rams in Los Angeles. About 80 percent of the players currently on the roster attended the session at a hotel in Manhattan Beach. Players watched the same video presentation of the new Inglewood stadium shown during an introductory news conference a month ago, listened to a discussion of the do's and don'ts by local law enforcement officials and heard an overview from team officials on how the Rams will help players transition from St. Louis to Los Angeles during the relocation process.

Players were greeted by business cards from real estate agents as they trickled out of the meeting. The franchise's most recognizable player, running back Todd Gurley, was swarmed by a throng of Rams fans as he left the hotel.

"It was great to get players together to show them what the next six months of their life is going to look like," Rams executive Kevin Demoff said.

Case Keenum, the team's current starting quarterback, says he still has a lot to prove. Keenum finished the end of the 2015 season 3-2 as a starter, but the Rams are expected to add competition at the quarterback position either through the draft or free agency.

"I put expectations and goals on myself," Keenum said. "I want to be really good, and I think I can be really good. And I work hard for that. Nothing's ever been handed to me, and so I don't expect anything to be handed to me. I'm going to work for it."

The Rams will begin offseason training at the Dallas Cowboys' Oxnard, California, practice facility -- 65 miles north of Los Angeles -- beginning April 18. Players are expected to be housed in a nearby hotel.

"What we're doing right now is to get them out into the offseason program, because that's where things start to even out competitively," Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said. "If we can get into the offseason program in a timely fashion, we'll be in good shape. And those things are starting to fall into place."

The team will transition to its own training camp location at the end of July, but have not identified a home for training camp.

Rams officials have not announced where that will be, but Fisher said it's likely the team will use facilities at UC Irvine in Orange County as temporary home for training camp. Housing for players will be taken care of by the organization during training camp as well.

The Rams are expected to hold regular-season workouts in Thousand Oaks, California, but are still looking for a permanent home. Fisher said the organization is encouraging players to look for housing near the Thousand Oaks area.

Linebacker Alec Ogletree said commute time to work will be a determining factor on where he finds a home.

"My approach to traffic out here is to leave two hours early," Ogletree said, laughing. "I've been out here a few times. So you definitely want to be 15 or 20 minutes away from the facility."

Fisher said that the plan is for the team's brain trust to remain in Los Angeles for free agency, showing potential signees around the city.

While players are focused on making the transition from the Midwest to the West Coast with their families over the next few months, guys like Donald understand that in order to win the hearts of fans in Los Angeles, the Rams need to put together their first winning season since 2003.

"There's going to be a lot going on," Donald said. "But at the end of the day, my job is to play football and do what I've got to do to get myself prepared and ready for this season. I'll make sure that's my first priority, so I can play at a high level and continue to be the player they drafted me to be."