New Giants coach Ben McAdoo has new plan for clock management

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- After losing six games last season in the final two minutes of regulation or overtime, the New York Giants this year will change the way they address end-of-game clock management.

"We're going to have a game management team, so to speak," new Giants head coach Ben McAdoo said at the owners meetings Wednesday. "And we're going to meet -- as we iron it out it'll either be on Saturday mornings or Friday afternoons -- and make sure we're on the same page going into games and that we're seeing the same things as the game develops."

McAdoo, who spent the past two years as the Giants' offensive coordinator and playcaller under head coach Tom Coughlin, said this will be a new, more formalized way of approaching game and clock management. He said there's "something similar" in Green Bay, where he spent nine years as an assistant coach before coming to the Giants. He said there would be "about six" people on the game management team, but he declined to specify who they would be. In Green Bay, the committee includes coordinators and assistant coaches as well as the team's analytics expert, Mike Eayrs.

"It's like anything else. It starts with communication first," McAdoo said. "We need to have open lines of communication. We need to be on the same page, especially at the end of games. You want to end each half with the ball. So the more we can be on the same page, have open lines of communication and have guys being willing to speak up at the end of games to make sure that gets done, it's important."

The idea seems to be to go over as many possible situations, tendencies and decisions as possible so that the process of making decisions under fire late is smoother and rooted in planning as opposed to reaction. McAdoo still declines to say publicly whether he'll continue to call offensive plays now that he's the head coach, though he did say Wednesday that he loves calling plays and that it would be his decision as to whether it would continue. That indicates that it will, and he'll surely be responsible for late-game clock management decisions. He just wants to make sure he has as much help preparing for those as possible.