DeSean Jackson sorry for distraction

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson apologized Sunday for letting his contract situation become a distraction this season and said he'd be OK if the team used its franchise tag on him if the sides can't agree to a long-term contract this offseason.

"I can admit to certain things affecting me during the season. I just want to apologize," he told reporters. "I probably could have handled it a little bit different, but now sitting here after the season's over I can just say I was able to put it behind me and really just fight for my teammates, fight for my organization."

When asked if he'd accept playing under a franchise tag, he answered, "why wouldn't I be?"

"Hey, it'd be all right. God's got a plan, brother. I'm going to roll with it," he said, according to CSNPhilly.com.

Jackson caught a 62-yard touchdown pass Sunday as the Eagles beat the Washington Redskins to finish the season 8-8. He finished the season with 58 catches, 961 yards and four touchdowns.

He was benched one game earlier in the season for missing a team meeting. Jackson said that in the future he can't let his contract situation affect his play.

"I can't really get frustrated over contract situations, or if I'm not paid how I think I should be, whatever the case may be. I can't really allow that to go on as a professional," he said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.