Randy Moss' return to the NFL

LIL WAYNE: How has the league changed from when you first started?
RANDY MOSS: I think the players these days are taking the easy way out. They might have a bum ankle or the knees are feeling a little sore and they might not go out to practice or play. When I first got in the league, I never really knew what a concussion was. I just knew that sometimes you get hit and see stars. I'm a hit away from going on a stretcher; I mean, I'm not that big. But I want to be there for my team no matter what is ailing me.

WAYNE: In 2003 you had 1,632 yards with the Vikings, and in 2007 you had 23 TDs with the Pats. What was the best time of your career?
MOSS: I've got to say '07. Coming from Oakland, there was a bad taste in my mouth. Being able to team with Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels, we made great things happen. And Bill Belichick was coming off Spygate, and he was like: "Forget everybody. I'm just going to focus on us. Let's try to make it happen." The Giants spoiled our undefeated season, of course. To this day, I haven't even watched the film of that game. Since I was 6 years old, I don't think I wanted a championship more than that year, man. I get tired of the '72 Dolphins and the trash they talk.

WAYNE: Why did you come out of retirement?
MOSS: When I retired, I cried like a baby in my garage, snotty nose and everything. I love the game so much. I've been penalized. I've been fined. I have some regrets in my career. But for those four hours on Sunday, you can be free and just let it all go. Retiring had nothing to do with football; it had to do with my family. I had to get some things right in my personal life. And once I got my family on the same page, to understand who I am and what I do for a living, I asked my oldest daughter, "What do you think about Daddy coming back?" And she said, "I didn't think you were done. I want you to win the Super Bowl."

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