Brian Hoyer has knee surgery

Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer had his torn ACL repaired at the Cleveland Clinic on Friday.

The team said the surgery was a success and coach Rob Chudzinski said he's hopeful Hoyer will be back in the spring -- which would be seven or eight months from the date of surgery.

"I'll get a little better idea [over time]," Chudzinski said. "My understanding is everything went well with the surgery. Just knowing him, from a rehab standpoint I know he's going to do everything he can to get ready."

Hoyer started and won two games for the Browns, and brought new life to the offense. But his knee was injured when he caught a spike trying to slide at the end of a run early in Cleveland's 37-24 win Oct. 3 over Buffalo.

"He did a great job coming in," Chudzinski said. "He gave us a real spark. Played very well. You saw improvement every game that he played. He was able to make plays for us and was able to really help us in that stretch to get us going."

Team president Joe Banner spoke at a leadership conference in suburban Cleveland this week, and he said that the team considers Hoyer an important part of the future.

Chudzinski merely said he's looking forward to seeing Hoyer on the field again.

"[Next season] is a lot further ahead than I'm looking right now," Chudzinski said. "But I'm looking forward to him getting back healthy and getting [him] back in the spring."

Hoyer did have some good news this week. His wife, Lauren, had the couple's second child, a girl named Cameron.