Broncos' Rahim Moore has surgery

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Denver Broncos safety Rahim Moore had surgery Monday morning to repair bleeding in the muscle sheath in his lower left leg.

Broncos interim head coach Jack Del Rio said the team's medical staff said Moore had suffered "lateral compartment syndrome," often an impact injury that causes bleeding and swelling in the lower leg. Moore left the Broncos' 27-17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the first half and did not return.

After returning home following the game, Moore was still experiencing pain in his leg and called Broncos head trainer Steve Antonopulos (known as Greek to the Broncos players and coaches). Antonopulos arranged for Moore to be examined by the team's medical staff as quickly as possible.

"It's a new one for me, I'm learning about it," Del Rio said. " ... Fortunately he called and Greek, Greek's as good as anybody out there, and they got the doctors right on it and he went in and had the surgery. It can be a very serious injury, it could lead to a loss of a limp, a loss of life so it's a very significant injury."

Moore will not play this weekend against the New England Patriots, but Del Rio said he was unsure what the timetable would be for Moore's return to the field, but that "the expectation is he will be back at full strength."

Del Rio said he also took the opportunity when he told the team about Moore's surgery Monday morning to remind the players to contact the medical staff any time they believed they were having an issue.

"If you let it go and try to tough it out, it can be really bad," Del Rio said of Moore's injury. "I encouraged our guys, here's Greek's number, please, anything at any time, no matter how minimal you think it is, call to make sure doctors can check it out, Greek can check it out ... to help you avoid disaster."

Mike Adams, who played in Moore's free safety spot Sunday night, is expected to remain with the starters in Moore's absence.

"It's great to have a guy like Mike who can step in like that," said cornerback Chris Harris Jr. " ... Mike knows our defense, he's been a starter for a long time, he knows what needs to be done."