2016 NFL playoffs and Super Bowl coverage

Broncos defense dominated for Super Bowl title (1:48)

Trent Dilfer is in awe of the Broncos' defensive effort against the Panthers, with Denver controlling the game in one of the best championship performances of all time. (1:48)

Super Bowl 50 is in the books, and the Broncos have their third Lombardi Trophy. Thanks mostly to a suffocating defense, Denver knocked off favored Carolina 24-10.

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Super Bowl 50

Denver Broncos 24, Carolina Panthers 10
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NFC Championship Game

Carolina Panthers 49, Arizona Cardinals 15
Game HQ page | NFC title game results

AFC Championship Game

Denver Broncos 20, New England Patriots 18
Game HQ page | AFC title game results

AFC divisional round

New England Patriots 27, Kansas City Chiefs 20
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Denver Broncos 23, Pittsburgh Steelers 16
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NFC divisional round

Arizona Cardinals 26, Green Bay Packers 20
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Carolina Panthers 31, Seattle Seahawks 24
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AFC wild card

Kansas City Chiefs 30, Houston Texans 0

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Pittsburgh Steelers 18, Cincinnati Bengals 16

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NFC wild card

Seattle Seahawks 10, Minnesota Vikings 9

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Green Bay Packers 35, Washington Redskins 18

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