What's trending in the NFL: Browns hire Hue Jackson; Manziel's time in Cleveland likely up

Polian: Manziel doesn't deserve consideration from Browns (0:53)

Bill Polian reacts to reports that newly acquired Browns coach Hue Jackson wants the organization to move on from QB Johnny Manziel. (0:53)

Here are the top stories from Wednesday:

Not long after the Browns named Hue Jackson their head coach, word filtered out that Jackson wants the team to move on from embattled QB Johnny Manziel. ESPN Browns reporter Pat McManamon says owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam deserve credit for hiring Jackson. They made the aggressive move to keep him off that plane and convinced Jackson that Cleveland is the right place for him. They didn't give him a chance to hear from a respected franchise like the Giants. And as far as Manziel is concerned, McManamon thinks it's best for the franchise to cut him loose. When/if that happens, it doesn't sound as if he'll find many suitors on the open market.

The New York Giants are closing in on a deal to hire Ben McAdoo, their current offensive coordinator, as head coach. More from Dan Graziano.

Cam Newton is enjoying this NFL season in a way that makes some people proud and others lose their minds. He is nearly a caricature of happiness, smiling when we have been conditioned to expect aggression, laughing when we expect seriousness. He is going to be the MVP over Teflon Tom Brady -- a fact cherished by some as near historical and by others as something close to chimerical. Newton's post-touchdown dances have spawned overwrought, what-will-we-tell-the-children letters to the editor. He is -- and has been -- viewed endlessly through lenses of maturity, greed and race. So yeah, you probably have an opinion of the guy. More from Tim Keown.

Patriots pass-rusher Chandler Jones had a bad reaction to a substance "that is not illegal" on Sunday, which led to him being admitted to a local hospital, sources tell ESPN. Jones' teammates stood by him on Wednesday as he practiced but did not speak with the media.

Redskins QB Kirk Cousins managed to turn the biggest hole in his game (turnovers) into a pillar of strength overnight. And in doing so, Cousins drastically changed the way we should perceive him as a quarterback. Bill Barnwell explores other players who could become great in 2016 if they fix their fatal flaw.

Former Rams first-round pick Lawrence Phillips was found dead in his California prison cell. Officials said they suspect suicide was the cause.

One reason Ben Roethlisberger has earned his toughness rep? He never misses extended time: Despite 30-plus sacks per year and several trips to the training room, Roethlisberger hasn't missed more than four consecutive games in 12 seasons. More from Jeremy Fowler.

To his dying day in 2011, Al Davis insisted the Los Angeles market belonged to the Raiders. Silver and Black conspiracy theorists will have a field day with this one. Jan. 12, 2016, is the day the son paid for the father's perceived sins ... the long-lasting feuds and court cases with then-NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle. More from Paul Gutierrez.

Best stat

From ESPN Stats & Information research: On Saturday, the Patriots play the Chiefs, who have won 11 straight games, including the playoffs. This marks the third time Patriots coach Bill Belichick will face a team in the playoffs that entered with at least a 10-game win streak. New England ended both streaks: In 2006, the Patriots defeated the Chargers, who had won 10 in a row, and in the 2004 AFC Championship, the Patriots upended the Steelers, who had won 15 straight entering the game.