What's trending in the NFL: Adam Jones apologizes to Antonio Brown; Marshawn Lynch ready to go

Should Seahawks take Lynch's word? (1:07)

The NFL Live crew find Marshawn Lynch not playing curious, and wonder if there is something more to him not playing than they are letting on. (1:07)

Here are the top stories from Friday:

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown ruled out for Saturday's game, gets apology from Adam Jones (by Jeremy Fowler and Coley Harvey)

From Bill Barnwell's story on the case for Chip Kelly being successful in San Francisco: "It's 2016, now, though, and the idea that Kelly and the 49ers are doomed from the start is misguided. In truth, we know very little about whether a head coach will succeed on the day he's hired, and while both sides in this relationship have their flaws, there are plenty of reasons to think that this could be the right decision for the 49ers. But to have that faith, we must first dispel a number of myths surrounding Kelly, the 49ers organization, and how the two will interact from day one."

Rams owner Stan Kroenke says Los Angeles feels like home (by Eric D. Williams)

From Ian O'Connor's story ranking the head-coaching hires so far: "The Browns have managed 15 losing seasons in the 17 since they returned to Cleveland in 1999, which is nearly impossible to pull off in a league built around the principles of parity, and yet somehow they made the most impressive hire of the offseason. The 50-year-old Jackson was a head-coaching candidate out of central casting, a man in the prime of his life whose winning work with offenses (generally) and quarterbacks (specifically) left him projecting a vibe of extreme confidence."

Running back Marshawn Lynch boards Seahawks' bus for trip to Charlotte (by Sheil Kapadia)

From Stephania Bell's story on what Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be dealing with Sunday: "Roethlisberger's injury was the result of landing hard on the point of his right shoulder, with Burfict's weight on top of him adding to the impact. The two most likely outcomes with that mechanism of injury, depending on the physics of the forces through the shoulder on contact, are either a broken collarbone (think: Tony Romo) or an AC (acromioclavicular) sprain; Roethlisberger's was described as the latter."

NFL Nation reporters give their picks for this weekend's divisional round, which include split decisions on three of the four matchups.

Hall of Famer Steve Young says Panthers QB Cam Newton has reached "rare air" (by David Newton)

A look inside Arizona's quarterback challenge -- and the costumes it produces (by Josh Weinfuss)

Injuries roundup: Which star players are expected to play this weekend? (by Scott T. Miller)

Best stat

From ESPN Stats & Information research: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has had five of his fumbles returned for touchdowns in his career (including the playoffs), three of which have come in his past two games at the Cardinals (one in 2009 wild-card matchup, two in Week 16 game in 2015).

Best tweets

After the Lions announced that Jim Caldwell is staying on as head coach, a few players tweeted about Caldwell: