What's trending in the NFL: Hall of Fame class announced; Cam Newton wins MVP

Newton, Olsen form perfect duo (0:52)

David Newton breaks down the chemistry between Panthers QB Cam Newton and TE Greg Olsen. (0:52)

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The 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame class was announced Saturday night. Here's a look at the inductees:

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been named the league's MVP, and Ron Rivera earned coach of the year honors

From Ian O'Connor's column on the matchup between Cam Newton and Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl: "Peyton Manning vs. Cam Newton -- man, it could have been something if only they were born around the same time. Go ahead and consider what defined the enduring sports rivalries of the past. Ali and Frazier. Arnie and Jack. Russell and Chamberlain. Chrissie and Martina. Magic and Bird. The combatants were polar opposites in personality, appearance and approach, and yet a Super Bowl duel between a 27-year-old Manning and a 26-year-old Newton would have represented the beginnings of a rivalry that threatened to top them all."

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt wins record-tying third Defensive Player of the Year award; Chiefs safety Eric Berry named Comeback Player of the Year

NFL exec Troy Vincent: League ready to help Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel

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From ESPN Stats & Information research: Peyton Manning will be the fifth Super Bowl-winning quarterback to face the Panthers this season (Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Eli Manning). The others combined to go 0-4 but threw 15 touchdowns to five interceptions.