Luck: Don't want to disappoint owner

ANDERSON, Ind. -- The Indianapolis Colts didn't need owner Jim Irsay to publicly embarrass them on Twitter on Monday. They know they played poorly in their 44-20 preseason loss to Buffalo on Sunday.

What's Irsay's comments did, though, is show that he means business no matter if it's a preseason or a regular-season game.

"If that's the way he felt, more power to him to making those thoughts known," quarterback Andrew Luck said. "We obviously don't want to disappoint him or any of the fans in Indianapolis or Colts in general around the nation."

Irsay, one to never shy away from giving his opinion, apologized to the fans for the team's "crap performance" against the Bills on Twitter.

Coach Chuck Pagano said the starters will play more and they will play better as a team against the New York Giants on Sunday.

"Like I said after the game, top to bottom we were all disappointed," he said. "We certainly didn't expect to go out and play, we expect to go out and perform. Individually, again, offense, defense, especially as a team and play well. We didn't."