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Monday, April 21, 2003
Updated: April 22, 11:33 AM ET
The War Room scouts players
By Greg Garber

Punch in and you will find yourself at an Atlanta website that specializes in miniature war games. Try and you've entered the site of a right-leaning Pittsburgh talk radio show, Quinn & Rose.

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  • In the sports world, The War Room belongs to Dave Geaslen, the owner of Football Scouts, Inc. Essentially, it's a brand he sells through the Sporting News. Originally, it was the name of the company he started seven years ago, but he couldn't get a trademark.

    "We scout all the football leagues," Geaslen said. "We sell the information to pro team clients, including the NFL, CFL and Arena Football, too. We also do work for ESPN, CBS and NBC. I've got a database of 7,000 players. If you were drafted or got a paycheck the last three years, I've got you."

    Greg Garber is an senior writer.