Ten years of Cincinnati drafts

The Bengals dismal recent history can be traced in large part to their failures in the NFL draft. Remember Ki-Jana Carter? What about Dan Wilkinson? The Bengals had back-to-back No. 1 picks in 1994 and 1995, something that could have provided the team with a foundation for the future. Instead, Carter was a bust, and while solid, Wilkinson was hardly the dominant force the Bengals expected him to be.

Since 1992, Cincinnati has never chosen lower than 14th overall -- including nine top-10 and two overall No. 1 picks -- and the names do not inspire a Hall of Fame buzz: David Klingler,
John Copeland, Wilkinson, Carter, Willie Anderson,
Reinard Wilson, Takeo Spikes, Akili Smith, Peter Warrick,
Justin Smith and Levi Jones.

Below are all the players the Bengals selected in the draft from 1992-2001 (it's too soon to criticize or praise the 2002 draft) along with the seasons they played in Cincinnati.