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Garry Johnson

OT | (6-3, 289, 5.23) | Arkansas State
By Pro Football Weekly

Notes: Redshirted in 1998 and has started every game the past four years. Former Arkansas State head coach Joe Hollis said Johnson was in the same class with Orlando Pace and Korey Stringer, players Hollis coached at Ohio State. Johnson began his career at right tackle but started at left tackle the last couple of years. Ex-coach Joe Hollis, who coached at Ohio State, likens Johnson to a raw Orlando Pace. Has credits in law school.

Positives: Very durable. Good athlete with pretty good feet and balance. Can come off the ball low and bend his knees. Generally controls his body well and rarely gives up sacks. Above-average blocking on the second level. Honor student with a good family and character. Good agility, footwork and quick hands.

Negatives: Is too nice. Lacks a mean streak and doesn't show much nastiness. Has not worked hard enough to develop his strength, and it really shows. Lacks both lower- and upper-body strength and has a weak hand punch. Never jars anyone and does not do a good job of finishing blocks. Needs reps.

Summary: Johnson has ability, but he needs to develop a nastier disposition and improve his strength. He does not seem to realize this is not a nice game and you have to get down and dirty and kick some butt to be successful.

* Player biographies are provided by Pro Football Weekly.