Hockey teams won't have taxi squads for 2010 Olympics

June, 25, 2009

MONTREAL -- We found out about one interesting change in the Olympic setup for 2010. Teams will no longer have a "taxi squad" this time around.

A Team Canada source confirmed the three-man taxi squad, which made its debut at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, has been scrapped for the Vancouver Games. In Torino, teams had 23-man rosters plus a three-man taxi squad in case of injuries. For 2010, teams will be limited to 23-man rosters.

As we reported last month, the deadline for countries to name their 23-man rosters is Dec. 31. But if a player from that 23-man roster gets injured between Dec. 31 and the start of the Olympic tournament, he can still be replaced up until the eve of the first game on Feb. 16.

Pierre LeBrun

ESPN Senior Writer

NHL, Olympics



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