Nolan hit in left eye

TORONTO -- Maple Leafs forward Owen Nolan injured his left eye in Toronto's 3-3 tie Saturday night with the Buffalo Sabres.

Nolan didn't return after Buffalo's Jay McKee high-sticked him
in the face early in the first period. Nolan dropped to the ice and
kicked his skates.

"Apparently, there was blunt trauma to the eye as well as
the cut," said Toronto coach Pat Quinn, who said Nolan was having
flashes. "There's no reason to believe that it is real bad, except
that he's not seeing things well right now. That indicates the
eyeball was probably hit."

Nolan was taken to a hospital for further evaluation.

The eye injury brought bad memories back to the Leafs, who were
around when Bryan Berard was severely injured in March 2000.
Berard, now with Chicago, missed the rest of that season and all of
the 2000-01 campaign after being hit in the eye by the stick of
Ottawa's Marian Hossa.

"It gave us some flashbacks," Toronto's Mats Sundin said. "We
had the Bryan Berard incident, you don't want to see that."

McKee, who wasn't penalized on the play, showed remorse.

"First chance I had, I skated over to their bench and asked
Mats Sundin how he was doing. I wanted to make sure I didn't get
him in the eye," McKee said. "I felt bad. I sent over an apology
in between the first and second period. Hopefully, it's nothing

Sundin said the officials missed the call.

"They must have just looked away," he said. "It was obvious
for us sitting on the bench. I don't know if they are going to
review that.

Nolan has nine goals and 19 assists.