Domi tossed signed stick at opponent

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Tie Domi had a little fun at the Columbus Blue Jackets' expense Thursday. On Sunday, the NHL made sure Domi would pay for his showmanship.

Domi was fined $1,000 -- and the Leafs $5,000 -- for his autograph stunt during Toronto's 4-1 win over Columbus, according to The Sports Network of Canada.

The game report from The Associated Press stated simply that Domi had "tossed his stick into Columbus' bench in the third. No penalty was called."

However, there was quite a bit more to the story, according to TSN. There were shades of Mr. Sharpie Terrell Owens, but with more of a "Take that!" twist.

While on the bench in the third after battling Blue Jackets forward Jody Shelley all game, Domi pulled out a pen, autographed a stick and tossed it over the glass partition between the benches and toward Shelley.

"I think it showed disrespect to Jody Shelley, who is a legitimate NHL tough guy," Jackets general manager Doug MacLean told TSN. "I think it showed disrespect to our hockey team, and I think it showed disrespect to the game. This is the NHL, not the WWF."

MacLean told TSN that he was so bothered by Domi's routine that he called NHL vice president Colin Campbell and Maple Leafs general manager John Ferguson Jr. to voice his displeasure.