League expected to comply, send list

The NHL lockout continues to get more contentious.

The NHL Players' Association fired the most recent shot, filing a unfair labor practices grievance against the league for failing to provide it with a list of locked-out players, ESPN confirmed on Thursday.

"The league has an obligation to give the players this list," an NHL source told the Ottawa Sun in Thursday's editions. "Something like this isn't going to help the bad blood between these two sides."

That bad blood has been boiling in recent weeks, with the league accusing the union of rehashing old proposals and summarily dismissing its own new revenue-sharing models. Another NHL source, highlighting that discord, told the Sun that the league "basically sent [the union] a response saying that since the union has kept all its staff on during the lockout, then [it] should have enough employees to figure out which players are affected (by the lockout)."

It is expected that the league will provide the list to the union before the case is heard.