Leafs' Sundin might wear visor when he returns

TORONTO -- After getting hit in the face by a puck earlier
this week, Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin might use a visor when
he returns.

"Yeah, I think so, I think I've used all my good breaks,"
Sundin said Friday, meeting reporters for the first time since
getting hit in the left eye seven minutes into Wednesday's season

"I've had some close calls with my eyes before. Definitely when
I start playing I'm going to have to wear one for sure and
hopefully I can continue it. That's my goal, for sure."

The fact that he's not totally sure he'll keep the visor on
underlines the reluctance many NHL players have in wearing one.

"I'm well aware on the discussion on both ends of the
argument," Leafs GM John Ferguson said. "Personal choice versus
safety, or comfort versus safety. It's an issue that in many ways
remains unresolved. But I have encouraged those who want to wear
one to do so, for sure."

Sundin, who suffered a fractured orbital bone, is out at least
four-to-six weeks and maybe longer if he ends up needing surgery.
Doctors will re-examine him in five-to-six days once the swelling
goes down and determine whether the orbital bone is healing on its

His injury has once again sparked debate about having visors
become mandatory in the NHL, the Leafs are a little sensitive to the
subject after defenseman Bryan Berard lost vision in one eye after
taking a high stick in March 2000.

"I can only go back to when I was on the ice when Bryan
Berard's eye injury happened to him, it's certainly something you
don't want anyone to go through," Sundin said.