Report: Bruins coach waiting to connect with Bourque

Ray Bourque is apparently ready to come back to the Bruins as a part-time member of their staff, but there's one problem. He hasn't talked to the coach.

Following up on its original report that Bourque was set to accept a position with Boston, The Boston Herald reported Monday that coach Mike Sullivan has yet to talk to Bourque, but he wants the future Hall of Famer to give him a call.

"We can't seem to connect,'' Sullivan told the newspaper. "I'm sure he's anxious to talk to me. I've been anxious to talk to him. Ray loves the Bruins and would love to be part of it. Obviously, I think his presence around the team would only be a positive for us. It's just been a matter of his schedule and my schedule not coinciding.''

Sullivan told the newspaper that he envisions Bourque attending team practices at home. The Herald previously reported that Bourque will not be a full-time assistant and he wouldn't travel with the club.

"I spoke with Ray two years ago about the possibility of being around our team,'' Sullivan told The Herald. "At the time it wasn't right for him because he wanted to spend time with his family and he had other commitments. This isn't something that just came up. During the course of (2003-04), I spoke with Ray quite frequently about our team. I was just interested in his insights. ... He's been a big help to me as a coach."