League fines coaches for critical remarks

Toronto Maple Leafs coach Pat Quinn and Anaheim Mighty Ducks coach Randy
Carlyle were fined an undisclosed amount Wednesday by the NHL for
recent comments about the game and officiating.

Quinn criticized officials after a 9-1 victory over Atlanta on
Oct. 14. The game included two third-period brawls that led to 109
penalty minutes.

"They obviously didn't know how to handle it," Quinn said of
the officials.

Quinn called the game a "disgrace" and referred to the
Thrashers' "cowardice." He said Atlanta coach Bob Hartley "has a
reputation of sending his guys out head hunting."

Carlyle was upset after Anaheim lost 3-2 to Detroit on Friday
night, pointing to the Red Wings' eight power plays to the Ducks'

"I don't understand how they called that many power plays
against us," Carlyle said. "I don't understand how we're that
bad. I guess the Detroit Red Wings get those calls in their

The league does not disclose the amount of fines. The money goes
to the NHL Foundation.