Forsberg begins rehab after first of two ankle surgeries

PHILADELPHIA -- Peter Forsberg has begun rehabbing his
surgically repaired right ankle, seven weeks after the first of two
planned ankle operations.

The Philadelphia Flyers center started his rehabilitation on
Thursday. In mid-May, Forsberg had torn ligaments repaired and
several bones realigned in his right ankle during a three-hour

He will have the same procedure on his left ankle when the right
one heals, and is expected to be sidelined until about January.

"Everything feels good," Forsberg said. "Everything is going
as planned and it's good to be back working out.

"Everything has been positive, but it's hard to say if it's
going any quicker than we thought. It is just the beginning of
rehab. But everything went well with the surgery."

Flyers head trainer Jim McCrossin said Forsberg experienced some
muscle soreness after his first workouts, but that was to be
expected. He said Forsberg has some swelling in his right ankle and
that they are working on his range of motion.

"Well, the discomfort comes with the territory," Forsberg
said. "There's a lot of things that were done to the foot and it
is going to take a while to heal up."

Forsberg is scheduled to see Dr. Robert Anderson, who operated
on the ankle, in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday.

"He looked at the X-rays and everything looks good, nothing
negative," Forsberg said. "I think we are at the stage where we
are supposed to be, so we will see how it goes."

Forsberg has had ankle problems for about seven years. The
Flyers have said that the surgery should make him less prone to
groin and abdominal strains. Most of the 22 games he missed last
season were from groin-related injuries.

McCrossin said Forsberg will continue his workouts until he's
back in the lineup, and that he won't be returning to his native