Senators GM makes it clear that he does not want Emery back

It appears that goaltender Ray Emery finally has worn out his welcome in Ottawa.

Senators general manager and coach Bryan Murray met with the media on Friday to address what ultimately was a disappointing season, and Murray made it clear that he was not going to be keeping the mercurial goalie around.

"My plan is not to have him back," TSN quoted Murray as saying. "I told [Emery] yesterday that the plan right now would be to investigate possible options for him, meaning look to see if there's another team that is willing to make a trade."

Emery had his day with the media on Thursday, when he was packing up his equipment. He said he wanted to be back with the Senators next season, but also made comments that likely would not be taken well by the Senators' management.

Asked if he felt responsible for the Senators' season ending the way it did, Emery said, "Well, I don't take responsibility for the team losing in the playoffs, I'll tell you that much."

Emery has had various highs and lows in his time with the Senators. He performed brilliantly in the 2005-06 postseason and led them to the Stanley Cup finals in the 2006-07 postseason.

But this season, he has had moments that frustrated and angered his teammates, as well as his coaches. He showed up late to practice on at least two occasions, and has been accused of not putting forth his best effort in workouts. Late last December, he fought with a teammate in practice, and also threw his stick.

"I showed up late for practice twice this year and had an opportunity to come on the ice. I was just late coming to the rink and they told me to go home … When some other guys are late coming to the rink, they're just fine or whatever happens," Emery said Thursday.

Things came to a head after John Paddock was fired as coach and Murray stepped in behind the bench. Murray opted to go with Martin Gerber in the playoffs.

"I hope I can do something for him. It's hard for me to state here today what exactly will happen. I'd like to think he's an NHL-caliber goaltender. I know he is, I know he showed that a year ago," Murray said about Emery. "I hope there's a team out there that will give him a look and talk to us about it."

Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, who attended Friday's news conference, did not comment on the Emery situation.

There is speculation the Senators will buy out Emery's contract. He is still owed two years and $6.75 million on the contract he signed last offseason. But under the collective bargaining agreement, the Senators have to pay him only one-third of his remaining salary, because players have to be 26 or older at the time of a buyout, and Emery does not turn 26 until September.