Judge: Enough reasonable doubt to acquit Lafleur's son

MONTREAL -- The son of Montreal Canadiens great Guy Lafleur was acquitted Friday of two counts of sexual assault after having pleaded guilty this week to more than a dozen other charges.

Judge Serge Boisvert said Mark Lafleur is a drug addict who lacks credibility. He said it's likely Lafleur committed the crimes with which he was charged, but that there was enough reasonable doubt to acquit him.

The judge also said the victim was heavily intoxicated when the acts are alleged to have happened. Boisvert called the victim's testimony credible, but not reliable.

The 23-year-old Lafleur pleaded guilty to 14 other charges against him, including assault, uttering threats to a minor and forcible confinement. Sentencing arguments on those charges are set for next week.