Players aren't counting on settlement

Anaheim: Keith Carney - No
"It's a tough situation. You want to be optimistic and you hope that things do get settled, but just looking at it, it looks like there won't be an agreement. I think we'll have some type of work stoppage. I'm just hopeful that it won't last long."

Atlanta: Byron Dafoe - Don't know
"To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. You can come away thinking it will get worked out or that we'll sit for a year. I don't think anyone has any idea. Meanwhile, the days tick by. We're a very solid union and we have to do what's good for the players."

Boston: Anonymous -Yes

Buffalo: Stu Barnes - No
"You have to think the mindset is that there won't be hockey. With (new ownership in Buffalo) and a player lockout looming at the end of next season the common perception is that I was traded to the Dallas Stars in a salary move. That new owner, Mr. (Tom) Golisano and his management team were positioning the Sabres for the new fiscal realities post NHL lockout. Most see the post lockout team being comprised of young, inexpensive, developmental players rather than having a 34-year-old (post-lockout) veteran making $ 3-plus million. In that context dumping my salary makes sense."

Calgary: Matt Davidson - Yes
"I think we're going to get something done that'll make both parties reasonably happy. Obviously, neither party is going to get everything they want. That's the way it is with negotiation: You get what you can and you compromise where you have to. I think it would hurt the game tremendously if there was a lockout. The owners want what they want, the players want what they want and I'm hoping they can find some middle ground."

Carolina: Bob Boughner - No
"I'd say no right now, but I think things could change positively over the next few months."

Chicago: Anonymous - ­No
"I don't have a lot of faith that something will get worked out by next September. To me, neither side seems anxious for a deal."

Colorado: Anonymous -Yes
"I just have to think both sides will agree by then. I'm optimistic."

Columbus: Anonymous -Yes
"Like most bargaining agreements, it'll come down to crunch time, like it did in baseball. But I'm optimistic. I'm sure all the smart people know there's no way we can let (a work stoppage) happen. I think it'll get done in time."

Dallas: Mike Modano -Yes
"Maybe. I think there's a lot of monetary pressure on both sides. I know the owners don't want to lose a season if they don't have to and I know a lot of players, especially the older ones, would rather not lose a season, either."

Detroit: Darren McCarty - No

Edmonton: Steve Staios - No

Florida: Matt Cullen - ­Yes
"I think so. I think the league needs to get it done, especially seeing what baseball did (in getting its most recent CBA done)."

Los Angeles: Jason Allison - No
"Everyone is hopeful, but the owners seem to be taking a very hard line. We know there are problems, but I'm not so sure they are as bad as the owners say. Players like the obviously like idea of lowering the age of unrestricted free agency."

Minnesota: Dwayne Roloson - No
"Of course it would be nice. But until both sides start talking seriously, it's difficult to see anything getting done before."

Montreal - No player polled

Nashville: Mark Eaton - No
"I'm one guy who hopes they can get things settled, but it seems both sides are pretty adamant. ... I'm probably more pessimistic than optimistic."

New Jersey: Brian Rafalski - Yes
"Yes, if both sides start talking soon. I think they can come to an agreement. But they haven't sat down yet. If they sit down four days before the deadline, then no."

N.Y. Islanders: Anonymous - No

N.Y. Rangers: Anonymous - Don't know
"Ask Gary Bettman."

Ottawa: Anonymous -No
"We're all getting ready for it."

Philadelphia: Eric Desjardins - Yes
"Yes. The owners are sticking together and I think that's encouraging for the future. They're not offering those big, crazy deals. You see restricted free agents not getting qualifying offers. It might not be good for the players but I think it's good for the game. It (a war) wouldn't be good for the game. We know what it did to baseball (in '94). I think we can come to an agreement.''

Phoenix: Sean Burke - No
"No. I just think it's going to take longer than that because there are so many issues that need to be addressed. I'm hopeful it will get done, but it might take a while.''

Pittsburgh: Brian Holzinger - Yes
"Both sides are kind of waiting for someone to throw out the first bone. Let's face it, we all enjoy the game. We enjoy playing it, and we enjoy watching it. You have to think the sooner they get talking, the sooner something will get worked out."

St. Louis: Scott Mellanby - Yes
"I'll say yes. I'm an optimist. Really, I think it's 50-50. Half of me thinks (a new CBA will be in place), so I'll be the optimist because you never know."

San Jose: Anonymous - No
"No, if they want a salary cap. We have a strong union that we're all going to stand behind. I think everyone will stand united."

Tampa Bay: Anonymous - No

Toronto: Anonymous - No
"Probably not. You want to be optimistic about these things, but most of the guys are taking the lead from Bob (NHL Players' Association
executive director Goodenow) and he's telling us to be prepared for a year, maybe two."

Vancouver: Brendan Morrison - Don't know
"Gee, that's a tough one to answer. I think if both sides are sensible, I think it can get done."

Washington: Anonymous - No

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