Former team masseur claims to have given Ullrich EPO shot

BERLIN -- A former massage therapist for cyclist Jan Ullrich
claimed he gave the 1997 Tour de France winner and former Team
Telekom rider an EPO shot.

Jef d'Hont worked from 1992-96 as a massage therapist for
Team Telekom, now known as T-Mobile. He said he never gave Ullrich
a blood-boosting EPO shot in Germany -- only once at an undisclosed
race in France.

"In Germany I never administered EPO, not to Jan Ullrich, and
not to other cyclists," he said in Sunday editions of the German
newspaper Bild am Sonntag. "I was not the main therapist for Jan

"Only once in France, I administered the shot. I injected it
into his arm, it lasted about 10 seconds -- like giving insulin to a
diabetic patient."

D'Hont has written a book alleging that two doctors on the
cycling team gave EPO shots to riders.

His claims come days after several former Team Telekom riders --
including Erik Zabel, Rolf Aldag and 1996 Tour de France winner
Bjarne Riis -- admitted they used EPO during the 1990s.

Ullrich and former Team Telekom manager Walter Godefroot are the
only major figures connected to the team at that time who have not
admitted to doping.