Martin suffered broken elbow, leg cuts

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia -- U.S. figure skater Josh Martin was
hit by a car while roller-blading on his way to practice, leaving
him with a broken elbow and leg cuts.

The hit-and-run accident happened Wednesday in St. Petersburg as
he was heading toward his training session with coach Tamara
Moskvina, Martin said. He had surgery on his right elbow.

Martin said from his bed at Vreden Hospital that he doesn't
remember much of the accident, other than that the car was red.

Martin and Janey Mayne won the silver medal in junior pairs at
the U.S. nationals in 2002. He now has teamed with Yoko Kawaguchi
of Japan for seniors competitions.

"I'm very sad, as well as my partner," he said. "Such a
fracture would be OK for a writer or an engineer, but for my
occupation it's much more serious."

He said he and Kawaguchi hope to work for several years with
Moskvina, who trained the 2002 Olympic pairs champions, Elena
Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze.

Martin said he and Kawaguchi hope to represent Japan in
international events.