Tour de France winner says knee is sore

SAN FRANCISCO -- Lance Armstrong withdrew from Sunday's street race in San Francisco because of tendinitis in his right knee.

Armstrong, who won his record sixth straight Tour de France
title in July while riding for U.S. Postal, had already arrived in
San Francisco when his knee began bothering him enough that he knew
he needed to rest it.

The race features an international field of top cyclists,
including nine who competed in the Athens Olympics.

"This problem popped up for the first time ever toward the end
of the Tour de France and I thought it would go away with the
proper rest," Armstrong said Friday. "It continued to hurt during
training and flared up this week, leading to this decision.

"This race is just too hard not to enter at 100 percent. I'm
clearly disappointed. However, I felt if I pushed it, I could risk
an injury that would set me back for months."