Warren won't be tested again at 112 until trials

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Olympic flyweight Rau'shee Warren
of Cincinnati complained this week that he hadn't really been
tested at the national boxing championships.

He'll have to wait for the Olympic trials now because his
opponent in Friday night's title bout received a medical
disqualification for fractured ribs, leaving Warren with a walkover
and his third straight 112-pound championship.

Aaron Alafa of Visalia, Calif, suffered the injury during his
19-13 semifinal win over John Franklin of Fort Carson, Colo., on

Warren hopes to get more action at the Olympic trials in August.
He is seeking to become the first American boxer to fight in two
Olympic Games since Davey Lee Armstrong in 1972 and '76.

At 17, he was the youngest U.S. athlete at the Athens Games,
where he lost to China's Zou Chiming 22-9 in his opening fight.
Afterward, he decided to delay turning professional for a shot at
Beijing in 2008.

Warren made quick work of both of his opponents at these

Hawaiian Bruno Escalante's coach called things off early in the
third round Wednesday with his outclassed fighter trailing 20-3,
and on Thursday, Warren's fight with Timothy Ibarra of Brighton,
Colo., was stopped in the second round with the score 14-1 and
Ibarra's nose badly bloodied.

After that fight, Warren said he hadn't been truly tested yet.

"I can't say I really have. A lot of people come in here with
heart and want to fight, but I end up being the bigger man because
of my speed and fire and I'm quick," he said.

Alafa also qualified for the Olympic trials. The top eight
finishers in each of 11 weight classes get a shot at making the
U.S. team in August at a location yet to be determined.

Ten other title bouts were scheduled for Friday night at the
Antlers Hilton Hotel, including the super-heavyweight fight between
Mike Wilson of Central Point, Ore., and Michael Hunter of Las
Vegas. Wilson won the last three titles but his 2006 championship
was taken away after he tested positive for marijuana.