Report: Thorpe given more time to produce evidence

SYDNEY, Australia -- Olympic and world champion swimmer Ian Thorpe has been granted an open-ended extension to provide medical information to Australian investigators probing irregularities in a May 2006 urine sample.

Thorpe was given until April 22 to provide the information to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, but the Sydney Morning Herald reported Wednesday that his legal team had won an extension.

Lawyers for the 11-time world champion and five-time Olympic gold medalist, who retired from competition in November, are preparing a "comprehensive response to a request from ASADA for pathological or physiological explanation for the high readings of testosterone and luteinising hormone," the newspaper said.

The Sydney Morning Herald said medical experts have been asked to provide affidavits in support of Thorpe's claim that his testosterone ratio was normal for him. They have also provided written evidence that luteinizing hormone levels vary in individuals and are always unpredictable. Luteinizing hormone is released by the pituitary gland and produces testosterone in men.

Thorpe has vowed to clear his name of any doping allegations.

"I have never cheated," he said April 1. "There's not going to be an ideal outcome to this, but it will finish and I will win."