Gatlin to keep 100m record until appeals complete

LONDON -- Justin Gatlin will keep his share of the 100-meter
world record until the completion of the appeal process in his
doping case.

"The results management process in this case has not yet been completed since Gatlin reserves the right to contest USADA's charge
of an eight-year sanction," the International Association of
Athletics Federations said Thursday in a statement.

Gatlin, the Olympic and world champion in the 100, received an
eight-year ban from the United States Anti-Doping Association on
Tuesday, avoiding a lifetime penalty in exchange for his
cooperation with doping authorities and because an earlier positive
test was deemed a mistake.

Gatlin has six months to contest the ban before the American
Arbitration Association, with the IAAF waiting for an ultimate
decision before stripping him of the world record.

Gatlin ran 9.77 seconds on May 12 at a meet in Doha, Qatar,
equaling the record set by Asafa Powell. All of Gatlin's results
since his positive test on April 22 are also expected to be

Two-time Olympic decathlon champion Daley Thompson wants an even
harsher penalty for Gatlin.

"Any reference to him being Olympic champion should go. He should lose his medals and be banned for life," the British decathlete told the BBC. "He has been going around saying what a great [guy] he is and how kids can look up to him and that makes it
twice as bad."

Thompson, a mentor to young British track athletes, said Gatlin
should do "one honorable act before leaving the sport" and
"whistle blow on those who supplied him with drugs irrespective of
any deal on offer."

At least nine athletes with links to Gatlin's coach, Trevor
Graham, have been convicted of doping violations. Any testimony
Gatlin provides against his former coach could lead to a reduction
in his sentence.

The IAAF is currently investigating Graham for doping
violations, and he has been barred from U.S. Olympic Committee
training sites.