Ginobili, Nocioni among 10 Olympians for Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- NBA stars Manu Ginobili and
Andres Nocioni were among 10 players from the gold-medal team at
the Athens Olympics selected to play for Argentina at the world
basketball championship in Japan this month.

"I'm betting on not touching a group of players who have been
playing very well together for several years, and have achieved
excellent results," Argentina coach Sergio Hernandez said in
disclosing his 12-man roster on Tuesday.

Beside Ginobili and Nocioni, returning veterans were Juan
Sanchez, Carlos Delfino, Walter Herrmann, Leonardo Gutierrez,
Gabriel Fernandez, Luis Scola, Fabricio Oberto and Ruben

Rounding out the roster were newcomers Daniel Farabello and
Pablo Progioni, who replaced the retiring Alejandro Montecchia and
Hugo Sconochini.

Some of the players have been together for international
competition since the mid-1990s.

Argentina upset the United States in the Olympic semifinals,
then beat Italy 84-69 for gold.

Argentina was runner-up at the 2002 worlds.

"They all know their roles on the team," Hernandez said.
"They've all demonstrated they have the right stuff when the
action heated up in the past."

In preparation, Argentina will play an exhibition against New
Zealand in Buenos Aires on Wednesday before traveling to Spain for
a four-nation tournament including Lithuania and Poland.

Argentina will then move on to more warmup games in Singapore.