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Thursday, December 27, 2001
Glossary of terms

Bonspiels: curling tournaments
Burned rock: a shooting team's rock that has been touched by a player or equipment while in motion and is then removed from play
Curl: a turn of the rocks' handle upon release makes the rock curl, or curve, as it travels down the ice. It curls in the direction of the turn
Delivery: the release of the stone by the shooter
Draw: a rock that stops in front of or in the house
End: An end is completed once all 16 rocks have been thrown. Games usually have eight ends, but championship games have 10 ends
Freeze: a draw that finishes in front of and next to another rock
Guard: a rock between the hog line and the house used to keep the opposition from hitting a rock in the house
Hack: a rubber foothold about 125 feet from the scoring area used to deliver the rock
Hammer: the last rock of each end
Hog lines: located 21 feet from each tee, a rock must be released before the closest hog line and travel beyond the far hog line or it is removed from play
House: a round scoring area that is 12 feet in diameter with concentric circles of 4 and 8 feet in diameter inside
Hurry: a command shouted by the skip or shooter to tell the sweepers to sweep
Keen ice: when the ice is "fast" and less momentum is needed on the rock
Lead: the player who delivers the first two rocks of each end
Peel: a shot to remove a guard
Port: an opening that teams try to draw or shoot through
Raise: a draw that advances another rock into the house
Rink: a curling team
Rocks: also called stones they are made of granite and weigh 42 pounds
Second: player who delivers the second to rocks of each end
Sheet: the 146-foot playing area. Play goes in both directions
Skip: the team captain who is the strategist who "reads" the ice, judges the amount of curl and calls the shots, holding the broom as a target. Skips usually throw the last two rocks of each end
Slider: when delivering a stone a slider is worn on the foot to allow for a smooth motion and follow through
Straight ice: when the ice is not curling much
Sweeping: players sweep to make the rock travel farther or to keep it from curling too much. Sweeping creates a thin film of water under the rock that allows it to glide more easily. Two players are ready to sweep each shot
Swingy ice: when the ice is curling a lot
Takeout: a rock that removes another rock from play
Tee: the center of the house
Third: also knows as the vice skip, the player delivers the third rock and holds the broom for the skip's turn. Assists skip with strategy

Source: U.S. Curling Association