Walter Mayer guilty in doping case

VIENNA -- Former Austrian biathlon coach Walter Mayer has been found guilty of doping offenses and given a partially suspended 15-month prison term.

Because Mayer already spent 37 days in investigatory custody he must only serve about seven more weeks. He was found guilty and sentenced late Wednesday, with the judge suspending all but three months of his prison term.

The 54-year-old Mayer was charged with the illegal sale of EPO and other banned drugs from 2005-08.

Mayer was banned from the Olympics through 2010 for his part in a blood-doping scandal at the 2002 Games, but traveled to the 2006 Turin Games. After being tipped off, Italian police raided the lodgings of the Austrian cross-country and biathlon team, seizing doping products and equipment.

Mayer's lawyer said he plans to appeal.