Andreas Schmid fined in probe

FREIBURG, Germany -- The doctor of a former top German cycling team was fined Wednesday in connection with a doping investigation.

Dr. Andreas Schmid agreed to pay a fine equivalent to three months' salary, prosecutors said.

The prosecutors dropped a criminal probe of Schmid and his Freiburg University clinic colleague Lothar Heinrich for doping activities with the former Telekom and T-Mobile cycling team. However, they decided to fine Schmid for violating medicine distribution laws.

Prosecutor Wolfgang Maier said Schmid gave performance-enhancing substances to five riders. The doctor declined to identify the cyclists. Prosecutors dropped the probe of Schmid and Heinrich's activities because of the statute of limitations and a lack of hard evidence.

But prosecutors said there was no doubt the two doctors were involved in providing EPO and other performance enhancing drugs to riders on Telekom, which later became the T-Mobile team.

Jan Ullrich, the team leader for several seasons, won the 1997 Tour de France. The Court of Arbitration for Sport stripped Ullrich of his third-place finish at the 2005 Tour, and he retired from racing in 2007.

Germany's national anti-doping agency has requested the files compiled by the Freiburg prosecutors.