Feng Zhe wins parallel bars gold

LONDON -- Feng Zhe saw his score and shook his index finger.

No. 1 again.

Feng won the Olympic title on parallel bars Tuesday, giving the
Chinese men their third gymnastics gold medal, following the team
competition and Zou Kai's win on floor exercise.

Feng flashed a thumbs-up as he walked out for the medals
ceremony, and planted a big kiss on the gold after he got it.

Germany's Marcel Nguyen was second, adding another silver to his
one from the men's all-around. Hamilton Sabot of France won the

Feng's routine was filled with intricate combinations, yet he
did them with the precision of an artist and the rhythm of a
musician. He held his handstands for what seemed like forever,
looking like a statue, and there wasn't even the slightest
hesitation as he went from one skill straight into another.

He hit the mat with a thud on his dismount and was pumping his
fists even before he stood upright. He threw a roundhouse punch as
he trotted off the podium, and his coach wrapped him in a big hug,
pounding his back. When his score of 15.966 was posted, Feng, the
2010 world champion on parallel bars, nodded.

There were still six gymnasts still to come, but it would take
something pretty special to top Feng. And no one came close.

Nguyen's routine was impressive, but the European champion took
a hop forward on his dismount and needed to windmill his arms to
steady himself.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.