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  1. IOC official calls slopestyle injuries unacceptable

    An International Olympic Committee official charged with monitoring injury rates at the Games says the new discipline of slopestyle produced an "unacceptably high" number of injuries in its debut at the Sochi Olympics.

    about 8 days ago | Associated Press
  2. Alabama's Kristian Gkolomeev, Arizona's Brad Tandy tie for 50-yard free title at NCAA championships

    Three months ago, Alabama's Kristian Gkolomeev lived in Greece. Two months ago, Arizona's Brad Tandy was ineligible for NCAA competition.

    about 23 days ago | Associated Press
  3. Back in the day: Ashley Caldwell

    In our new espnW series, elite athletes look back at their rookie days. I was a gymnast growing up, and took my first stab at freestyle skiing when...

    about 24 days ago | Ashley Caldwell, espnw
  4. Twenty years, 20 firsts -- Mike Metzger, first-ever dirt bike backflip

    In 2002, Mike Metzger -- the FMX legend known as the "Godfather of FMX" -- became the first rider to successfully land a backflip on a dirt bike in X Games competition.

    about 26 days ago | Colin Bane,
  5. Missy Franklin sets mark at NCAA women's swimming and diving championships

    Olympian Missy Franklin set a record in winning her first NCAA title for California on Friday, and Georgia stretched its lead in the team standings on the second day of the NCAA women's swimming and diving championships.

    about 29 days ago | Associated Press
  6. Catching up with Olympic halfpipe gold medalist David Wise

    Catching up with Olympic halfpipe gold medalist David Wise as life settles back to normal after the Olympic frenzy

    about 51 days ago | Shay Williams,
  7. U.S. Ski Slopestyle Olympians take on New York

    The newly minted, podium-sweeping slopestyle Olympians bring new life to U.S. skiing and the New York media.

    about 52 days ago | Micah Abrams,
  8. Ski Slopestyle Olympians Take On The New York Media

    A week after sweeping the ski slopestyle podium in Sochi, Russia, newly minted A-Listers Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper took the New York media circuit by storm. Here's a look at how their day went.

    about 52 days ago
  9. Russian Olympic skicross racer Maria Komissarova has no feeling in her legs

    Olympic skicross racer Maria Komissarova of Russia remains confident of walking again despite having no feeling in her legs.

    about 52 days ago | Associated Press
  10. 2014 Sochi Olympics -- Slopestyle, freeskiing good for the Games

    Despite a shaky start with concerns about course conditions, the Olympic debut of slopestyle and freeskiing proved to be good for both the Games and the sports.

    about 55 days ago | Alyssa Roenigk,
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