Day Two: Notes and quotes

Lane left confused

Chris Lane has never been on Kentucky Lake before and it showed in his performance this week. Lane said the lake was comparable to Grand Lake in his mind, but that didn't help him much.

"There's just so much water out there on a lake like Kentucky Lake," Lane said. "I believe this is the second largest manmade lake in the country. There's so much to fish, you can go out on these ledges and get one bite that makes you think you found something. Then you can go for hours and not get another bite and realize you need to go find something else. There are just so many miles to fish — that was my biggest problem this week. I just haven't fished these deep, clear bodies of water much. Especially, when there is not a lot of structure."

The Florida angler is still scratching his head over what he could have done differently. He'll face the long drive home trying to figure that out. He's still upbeat about his season however, especially since he is having a good showing on the Southern Tour, where he is currently 3rd in the points' race with one event left. If he can hold his spot through that event, he would not only re-qualify for the Elite Series in 2007, but he'd find himself with a CITGO Bassmaster Classic berth on his hands as well.

The last Bassmaster Southern Tour event is on Lake Lanier in September and Lane feels like it will suit him better.

"There will be a good topwater bite and the fish won't be out deep that time of year. I'll be able to go fishing and have a good time."

Dying by the ledge

"Current played a role in this tournament," Bink Desaro said. "I fished shallow yesterday and a little deep. A lot of guys were talking about how the current turned on late in the day and they caught their fish very quickly — just bam, bam, bam."

At 10:30 Friday, Desaro had caught two fish but it was decision time — should he stay or should he go? He committed to a deep-water ledge and decided to live or die by that ledge. He ended up weighing in two fish for 5 pounds 15 ounces.

"I could have caught some fish shallow, but I knew I would come up a few pounds shy if I went back there. I caught those two fish on the ledge back to back; very quickly. So I thought another little flurry might happen at any moment. It just never materialized."

Desaro said he was disappointed with his performance this year on the Elite Series. He has made the Top 50 cut only once at Lake Santee Cooper where he eventually finished in 10th place.

"I really am nowhere close to where I thought I would be at this point. I came out here very confident that I would cash a $10,000 check at every tournament. I literally thought I could do it every time. I don't know how these guys do it — catching them day after day after day. Some of them never stumble; not one day. The competition I am fishing against is just phenomenal."

Desaro is not giving up although he is succinct about his chances.

"Living the dream might become a nightmare. But I'm not going to give up. I'm going to keep going and hope that I prevail."