Boat traffic is a problem

It's been a funny year. I've thought sometimes the fishing gods were out to get me. I couldn't find them in Florida. I found them in Texas, but they weren't big enough. They got away in Georgia and South Carolina. Another angler got to my hole first in Alabama. And here at Kentucky Lake, I've had to share space with another angler and we've both suffered for it. It's a decent area for two anglers, and it would have been a great one for one.

I'm in 36th place going into Saturday. I've found and caught enough good fish to get in the Top 50 money, but it'll be a long shot to get into the Top 12. Gary Klein and I have been fishing the same two ledges for two days, and it looks like the spot is about to play out. That means I'll probably have to scramble tomorrow.

More than one angler fishing the same spot happens pretty often. What happens is you're out there and you practice two-and-a-half days, you find a nice quality school of fish, and then unfortunately, another competitor finds the same school of fish. Your tournament plan is to manage the spot for as many fish as you can get during four days on the spot. But then somebody else is there, and it's up to the two of you to manage it.

And Saturday will be even more complicated. You'll have the Elite Series field. You'll also have a BFL tournament and a 250-boat Strike Team tournament. Add to that all the weekend anglers. Yes, it'll be tense tomorrow. A lot of disruptions. It'll be interesting.

Probably Kevin won't have to deal with it. When you get to the level he's at, you get that 40-boat entourage that follows him and people get out of the way.

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