Fish addiction

Addiction is defined as being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming or an abnormally strong craving. Often times it's related to narcotic drugs or alcohol.

Now, in the world of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and all of the train wrecks we get to see on the boob-tube and Internet, we as a society have become numb to the all of the addicts that seem to surround us. However, as anglers, we need to step up and speak out. We are addicts and we need help.

How many of you are thinking of flipping a jig under a dock for a bass or trolling a crankbait for a walleye or drifting a fly for a trout right now? As you are reading this you are not here, you are elsewhere, needing to feed your need.

I know I am often thinking of cranking deep ledges and dragging fat bass from some deep structure as I am speaking with my wife about household chores. Or, when my mother calls and lets me know what's happening on the other side of the continent, I'm usually wondering what bite is going on in her neck-of-the-woods.

There is no way I am alone in this addiction. Truly, if I could make money fishing all day long, you folks would never hear from me. I'm not talking about fishing tournaments and having to travel around and promote for sponsors, no I mean simply fishing, for fun and to fill that great void, that need, that desire. I must feed the addiction I have.

Happily, there is no cure. Like you, I am not in danger of losing my life due to fishing, but I can see how some get worried.

Instead of hanging out with other folks at a summer party, I'd rather be alone wading in a river trying to entice little fishy friends into taking my offering.

I talk to the fish, I talk to myself, I think fishing, I think about fish and I wonder why I am sitting in my office tapping out this tale and not somewhere ripping lips right now.

I've gotta go, my addiction is calling.

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