Facebook fishing

OK, I admit it, I dig the Facebook thingy.

No, I'm not on it all of the time, but darn it, I do find it a terrific tool to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. Funny thing though, I never realized I had so many friends.

Speaking of that, a long lost well not really lost, but out of touch simply due to my natural instinct to keep to myself friend commented a while back, on Facebook of course, regarding how many friends I have. She could not believe I had that many friends.

I took that to heart for some reason. I usually could care less about an individual opinion of me, unless it's in regards to my fishing prowess, but this stuck with me. Was I simply fishing for friends on Facebook to essentially fill some void with the rest of society? My great need to be alone, yet not lonely? My single-minded desire to simply be me and to heck with others, except the wife and kids, don't ya know.

Maybe my old pal was onto something. Then it hit me like a brown bear whacking a salmon. I was simply Facebook fishing.

Since I live in an area of the country that sort of freezes up during the winter months, meaning the ice on the lakes is often not thick enough to ice fishing all the time. And it can be brutally cold, so most of the open water fishing stinks in the winter.

Facebook fishing was replacing my actual outdoor adventures during the winter doldrums.

Wow, has my life as an angler really devolved into this hapless need to catch friends to replace my unending drive to hook fish?

Na, I just enjoy new things and a little self promotion doesn't hurt. Plus, it is pretty darn amazing how many people I know across the country, thanks to fishing.

And if I don't know them directly, there is some connection, whether through friends, my work here on ESPNOutdoors.com or my radio show. Who knows?

All I know is I'm hooked on Facebook fishing, but within a month or so don't expect many quick replies.

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