Grumpy guy

When does it happen? When in our lives do we go from that happy-go-lucky person who is willing to share all of who they are, and more importantly their love of angling, with anyone? It has always been a mystery to me, but I think I've figured it out, at least a little bit.

My revelation started a few years ago. I was Mister Fit, Mister Hardcore Angler, Mister Travel-the-Country-for-the-Joy-of-Fishing-and-Promoting-the-Recreational-Fishing-Industry-to-Anyone-Who-Was-Willing-to-Give-Me-the-Time-of-Day.

For me, the downturn into a grumpy guy started with an ailment. Yep, illness. Can you be believe it? Illness.

So, while I've been dealing with this illness I've started noticing serious changes in my life. First off, I can't do what I used to do physically.

I'd be willing to bet an awful lot of the other grumpy guys out there have some physical deal going on, whether it's a bad back, knees, whatever. They never admit it to anybody, but they just can't handle what they used to. So their pain gets projected as a grumpy guy.

The second part of the turn to the grumpy-side of the force involves your state of mind. With your physical downturn you tend to become less outgoing, possibly depressed. All sorts of things race through your mind, like why me, it's not fair, and on and on.

The reality of the fact that you are in it for the long haul finally comes crashing down on you and you either accept your situation or you go bonkers. Either way, your grump-itude levels are certainly raised.

So what's the lesson of this airing of The Fishing Fanatics laundry? It's simple. Take a Grumpy Gus fishing. I can guarantee that there are many grumpy people out there who make claims like, I used to fish, but don't have time or I lost my interest in fishing.

Baloney. They just can't do it on their own anymore. Drag 'em along with you. Put a fishing rod in their hands and watch that grumpiness wash away, even if only for one day. Just let me know what time you are picking me up.

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