Fiscal finds: Toho's best buys

Whether you're figuring out the down payment on a 250-horse-power Mercury motor, simply balancing the checkbook or selecting your BASS Fantasy Fishing roster, fiscal management plays a big role in whether you prosper or go bankrupt.

With the wide variances in angler salaries, fielding a successful roster that fits within the 50-point salary cap can challenge even certified public accountants. Many fantasy owners will select a couple of popular and successful anglers and round out their roster with a couple of 4.0 anglers that they hope can somehow make a splash at the next tournament.

If you find yourself in this boat and have to have a 4.0-salaried angler, don't despair, there are several quality picks that can maximize your roster's worth and perhaps vault you into the lead in your league.

The following five anglers will be overlooked by many owners, and their presence on any roster would be totally justified — the fact that their salary is a mere 4.0 points is a bonus!

BASS Fantasy Fishing's best buys

Woo Daves: A former Classic winner with 17 appearances in the Super Bowl of Bass Fishing, 32 Top-10 finishes and 63 Top-20 finishes for 4.0 points? A no-brainer if there ever was one.

Roger Boler: Not a knockout selection, but the man has $172,800 in career winnings, was a big favorite in the 2003 Classic and has seven Top-20 finishes. If you need a low-salaried angler with a ton of upside, Boler's your boy.

Dion Hibdon: His 4.0 salary is a bit deceptive at first glance. The only reason Hibdon has such a low salary is that he took a couple of years off from competitive fishing. He won the 1997 Classic, has seven other Classic appearances, 37 Top-20 finishes and nearly $500,000 in career earnings. He's no slouch and because he's been on the sidelines his name won't ring many bells with fantasy owners … a sleeper if there ever was one.

Terry Baksay: His statistics are mediocre at best: two Classic appearances (finished 26th in 1995 and 31st in 1990) and 17 Top-20 finishes. Not great considering he's been competitively fishing since 1989. So what makes Mr. Baksay such a great buy at 4.0? His success on Lake Toho. In the 1999 Top 150 he took 115th, in the 2000 Top 150 he jumped up to 6th place, in the 2001 Top 150 he placed 14th and in the 2001 Pro Tour he finished 88th. While 1999 150 and 2001 Tour are disheartening, the two Top-20 finishes easily justify the 4.0 salary. Baksay is one Connecticut Yankee that knows how to fish Florida's Toho.

Jeff Magee: Another journeyman that has been around quite awhile without making a huge impact, Magee does have some success on Toho. In the '99 Top 150 he wrapped up 71st place, in the 2000 Top 150 he took 104th, the 2001 Top 150 saw him take 111th and in the 2001 Pro Tour he finished in 4th place! Not bad for 4.0 points and definitely better than an unproven rookie.