Three Questions for RFC pros

PENSACOLA, Fla. — On the final day of the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup Championship, we asked the top five teams three questions:

Did you expect to be here on the final day?
Besides you, who is most likely to win?
What is it going to take to win?

Brett Phillips and Mike Patterson

Did you expect? "No we didn't, because we only weighed in three fish over the past two days. Plus, we were booked to charter in Texas on Monday, so that should tell you right there that we didn't expect to be here."

Most likely? "You've got to watch Ray Malone and Jon Loring. They're on some good fish."

To win? "At least 13-and-a-half pounds."

Al Keller and Bill Faulkner

Did you expect? "Honestly, no. Some of the guys are pulling in weights over 13 pounds, but the weather did us a bit of a favor yesterday."

Most likely? "Anybody running further than we are."

To win? "Over 13 pounds."

Jon Loring, Jr. and Ray Malone

Did you expect? "Yes, because we felt it. We just knew we were going to be here, somehow, some way. Even with a slow Day One."

Most likely? "That's a hard question. Anyone here could win it."

To win? "A lot of blessings! And close to 14 pounds."

Andrew Bostick and Mark Sepe

Did you expect? "Yeah we did, because we were on real good fish. We had a deep water bite in case the weather got bad, and flats to fish in case the sun came out."

Most likely? "I think the Popenator might have a shot!"

To win? "Depending on the weather, I'd say 13-and-a-half pounds."

Jeff Pope and Brandon Buckner

Did you expect? "The first part of pre-fishing, yes. But our spot got wind-blown and we had to change plans. But we're swinging for the fences today!"

Most likely? "I'm going to return the favor and say Bostick and Sepe."

To win? "I would say 13-plus. "

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