Rojas chips in for title

NORMAN, OK. — On the strength of a two-pound margin over Kevin VanDam and partner Lance Peck, Dean Rojas and Jayson Kisselburg claimed first prize in the fishing portion of the first annual Fish and Chips tournament this weekend. But when the rods were put away, the competition went indoors to the poker tables at the Riverwind Casino.

The Rojas team had a choice to make – go all in for the win and the possibility of $20,000 in poker winnings or play it safe and hope for the overall title? Regardless of which angle they chose, there was always the chance that the cards wouldn't allow things to play out as hoped.

"I'm not the greatest poker player in the word, but sometimes I can hold my own," Rojas said. "We talked about strategy ahead of time and we decided that we were only going to bet on hands where we had a chance of winning."

"It's a marathon," he continued. "I knew we had to finish deep in the field. I didn't think I'd win it. We had a hundred guys in the field who are true poker pros."

Rojas picked his partner carefully, figuring that he could carry much of the load on the fishing side of things. He'd need a poker stud to bolster the effort once the competition came inside.

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