Golden Trout

Salma aguabonita

Other Names
Kern River trout, mountain trout

This is the most colorful of all trout. The sides are bright gold, with a crimson streak that runs from the gill plate almost to the tail. The back, tail, and dorsal fin have black spots. All lower fins have white tips.

Typical Habitat
Golden trout were originally limited to lakes and streams located in altitudes over 6000 feet, but they have since been stocked in lower-lying bodies of water. Transplanted fish tend to show less color.

Feeding Habits
Golden trout will feed mostly on crustaceans and insects. They prefer gaddisflies and midges.

Age and Growth
This small fish has a life span of 7 years. They will grow between 1 and 2 pounds in that time.

Sporting Qualities
Getting to these tiny fighters is half the fun. They are most commonly found in remote lakes and streams. They are extremely picky eaters and will reject a fly that does not look exactly like one of their common foods. They will also take small spinners, spoons, crustaceans, salmon eggs, and worms.

Food Quality
The pink flesh will not keep for very long. Aside from that one shortcoming, golden trout have an excellent, oily flesh that can be eaten fresh or smoked.

World Record
11 lbs. Cooks Lake, Wyoming

Preferred Temps
58 to 62

Preferred Temps
70 to 89

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