Potential world-record hammerhead shark caught in the Gulf of Mexico

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    On May 23, skipper Bucky Dennis of Port Charlotte, Fla., watched a massive hammerhead shark chomp down on a stingray he was live-lining in Boca Grand Pass.

    By the time he and his crew had secured the fish, nearly six hours had passed and he found himself 12 miles offshore in his 23-foot flats boat.

    Although Dennis guessed that the fish reached the 1,000-pound mark, it wasn't until the shark hit a certified scale later that night that he found out he may have a shot at the next International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record for great hammerhead.

    Measuring 14½ feet, the mammoth shark tipped the scales at 1,262 pounds — potentially crushing the former record of 991-pound.

    It took Dennis and his crew three hours to drag the fish to the dock where they loaded it on a boat trailer and drove it to a nearby weigh station.

    The shark was donated to the Mote Marine Laboratory where it will be studied by their research team.

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